Monday, December 31, 2012

75. Workout Tracking Jars

This is it. I have completed 75 projects in 5 months. It has been a huge challenge and at times, I wanted to give up, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Not only did I accomplish my goal of 75, I also accomplished my goal of loving crafting more and being happier in my everyday life.
It only seemed appropriate that my final craft also acted as a transition into what is my next challenge. I will be posting in more detail about what’s next later, but for now just let me say: I will be attempting 75 workouts in 5 months in an effort to get myself in better shape.
My final craft is two jars with labels.
One says “Workouts to do” with 75 marbles in it.
The other “Workouts completed” jar will be filled by the end of my challenge. 
It’s a great way for me to track how many I’ve done and see how many more I have left.
Thank you all for following me through this challenge and Happy New Year!

74. Confetti Balloons

I made these as a fun way to bring in the new year at my parents’ “Silver, Black and Gold” New Years party.
My mother would not let me use real confetti because she didn’t want the dog to eat it and wanted an easy clean up. 
So, I took a hole puncher to some scrapbook paper and made some paper confetti.
I used a paper funnel to get them in the balloons and then blew them up.
Planning on hanging them from the ceiling and popping them at midnight. I will update with pictures in the new year :)
1 more project!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

73. Wine Cork Stamps

Since we only used four of the wine corks from the vase filler pack, we just had to use them for something else!
Just used an exacto knife and some ink. Sliced a good chunk of my thumb off though. Ouch.
2 more projects!

Friday, December 28, 2012

72. Birthday cupcakes

Wee my birthday is in 2 days! I made myself some cupcakes.
3 more to go!

71. Laptop Sleeve

I made this with of course some fabric found in the craft box of magic.
I’ve also now reached 100 followers! Thanks Everyone! 4 more projects!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

70. Cork Butter Spreaders

Aaron was really pumped about this project when we saw it on Pinterest and he really wanted to try it. We had a tough time finding butter/cheese spreaders for a while, but I finally stumbled upon them in Home Goods while Christmas shopping. I bought them for Aaron as a stocking stuffer and boy was he excited.
They were the ugliest things ever and they were damn near indestructible.
We had to get out a freaking metal mallet to get those tops off.
Had to break out the safety gear too!
Spreaders no more!
When we finally did get them apart they looked like this. Then we just shoved them into the corks. The corks were also impossible to find! We asked friends to save them for us, but all the ones we were given were those fake plastic corks. We ended up buying a box of cork vase fillers from Target.
5 more projects left! Getting close!

69. Chair Cover

6 more projects to my goal! Only 4 days left!
I inherited this chair from who else but my mother (Seriously, the woman has provided me with half the stuff for these projects. She’s the best.)
Nice big gash in the seat. Also, the black leather is much to dark for the feel I’m going for in my room (which needs so much work on it already)
I made a cover out of this lovely fabric from Ikea. It was rather easy. I pinned the fabric to the chair and traced where to cut out, leaving a bit of room for seams. I cut it out and sewed it and there you go.
After my 75 challenge is over and the new year begins, there will definitely be some projects based around getting the rest of my room together!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So I already technically made these (See post #43), but they were so much fun, I made some more!
More ornaments!
We have Steelers ones as a present for Aaron’s mom and Snoopy and Charlie Brown, for who else but Aaron of course.

68. Stamped Necklace

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!
I got some awesome jewelry stamping stuff from my mom, so the first thing I made was a necklace for her!
Lyrics from one of our favorite songs :)
Only 7 more projects left!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

67. Bow Headband

8 more crafts left!
My mommy got a gift from Starbucks that was wrapped in this lovely ribbon with a lovely metal bow on it. After she had opened the gift and begun to use it (it was a mug and such from Starbucks) I stole the wrapping (she gave it to me after I asked nicely) and made it into a head band.
All I had to do was cut it and hot glue the bow sideways.

66. Messenger Bag

Another present for Aaron that he knew about. I am a terrible surprise keeper.
Again, he picked out the fabric.
What he didn’t know about was the cool bag strap and clips I bought on Etsy :)
Guess I’m not so bad at surprise keeping, after all.

65. Snowflake Cookies

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a family tradition that gets better every year. Snowflake sugar cookies.
Merry Christmas, I hope your day is filled with love and cheer!

Monday, December 24, 2012

64. Sparkly Glasses

I love sparkles. and glitter. and shiny things.
Easily distracted much.
Anyway, my 21st birthday is coming up on the 30th, so I thought I would make myself a present to celebrate the fact I can legally drink alcohol soon. 
I will definitely be drinking some wine out of these for New Years.

63. Cupcake Ornament

Weeeee more Christmas crafts!