Monday, August 13, 2012

#4. Coasters

Happy Monday! My most recent project is something I’ve seen floating around Pintrest and various DIY blogs and I’ve been dying to try it. It’s DIY coasters!
Next week I’m attending the wedding of my boyfriend’s friend and thought this would make a great gift to go with the wine glasses we bought off their registry. 
If you want to know how to do these yourself, go on pintrest and search “DIY coasters” and about a billion (okay maybe not that many) links pop up with tutorials. 
I went with the good old Modpodge and scrapbook paper method, 4x4 subway tiles from Loews and some cork glued on the bottom. Super simple. Super cheap. Super classy.
This was my first experience with Modpodge and let me tell you, I’m addicted. I’ve seen some recipes for homemade stuff, but I wanted to try the real stuff first. I’m impressed and I kind of want to Madpodge everything. Including my dog (not really?)
Modpodge: $7.99 (to which my mother responded “that’s how much that stuff costs these days? It was like 75 cents when I used it.”)
4 tiles: $0.16 each, so with tax $0.69 cents (69, teehee)
12”x12” scrapbook paper: $0.49
Cork: $4.99 at Joann
Total: $14.16 (could be cheaper if you already have paper, modpodge or cork/felt)
My mom loved these so much, she asked me to make her a set with the left over paper (I ended up getting 8 coasters out of a 12”x12” piece.) So I’m working on those now too.
Until next time…

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