Friday, August 17, 2012

#6. DIY Anthropologie Bracelet with tutorial

Tutorial time!
My most recent project was a bracelet inspired by one I saw at Anthropologie a few years ago. I remember it was out of my price range, so I waited until it went on sale, but I waited too long and it went away!
So I decided to recreate it for my 75 project challenge!
For this bracelet you will need
-A bangle
-some green string
-gems and beads of your choice
-a glue gun
The first step is to wrap your bangle in string. This process was a lot more tedious than I was expecting!
I started by gluing the end of a piece of string to the inside of the bangle. Then a kept wrapping in and wrapping it so it was really tight until I got all the way around. I glued in several places on the inside just to secure the string.
Once your bangle is all wrapped up, it’s time to start adding the beads. For this step, I decided to glue the gems and things I picked out, but sewing them on is also an option. 
I glued the big ones on first, then filled in the open spaces with little beads 
and tada!
A bracelet ala Anthropologie!
Bangle: $6.00 at Walmart (I bet I could have found it cheaper at the dollar store!)
String:$2.89 at Joann
Beads and gems (5 packs):$15.78
Total: 24.68

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