Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#7. DIY End Table Out of an Old Drawer Tutorial

Today I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to make an end table/makeup table out of an old drawer. 
First, a side note! Everyone meet Aaron.
He’s my boyfriend and you’ll be seeing a lot of him because I’ve roped him into helping me with most of these projects. Adorable, isn’t he?
A few years ago my mom bought a large storage piece with many drawers but the frame of it broke and we just had several drawers laying around, so I decided to make some things out of them, including a table!
Supplies you will need
-An old drawer
-4 table legs (available at home depot and loews)
-A table saw
-screws and nails
-pain and primer
Step 1: Remove the front of the drawer, the wheels and the knobs. If the drawer is laminate, I highly recommend sanding and priming it at this point.
Step 2: Lay your flat piece of wood on the dresser and measure out how large you want it to be. Make sure any over hang on the sides are even. I chose not to have too much hanging over my frame, because the piece was so thin. Mark where your drawer will sit on the piece. 
Step 3: Cut where you marked with a table saw! If you’ve never used one before, it’s pretty easy. You crank your blade so it sticks up just a little higher than the piece you are cutting. Line up the piece to the blade. Turn it on and push your piece gently along the line, with your hands flat on both sides of your piece, but far away from the blade. My dad helped out because we were using his saw.
After you have your piece cut, sand down the rough edge where you cut and set it aside.
Step 4: Attach your table legs. Line up each leg in the corner of the drawer and use your drill to screw in each leg. I put two screws on each side, alternating them a little bit so they wouldn’t hit each other. I used a clamp to make them more stable and hold them in place better.
Alternating holes!
After you’ve got all your legs in, turn it over and set it on the ground. You can use a level to make sure it’s not wobbly. If it is, unattach the legs and reattach them so they fit snuggly into the corner of the drawer. 
Step 5: Time to attach the table top! Set your cut piece on top of the drawer where you marked it earlier. Take a hammer and a nail and nail a corner to the drawer underneath. Be sure you are putting in your nail right above the drawer/frame.
Nail the other corners, then nail around the perimiter of the drawer/frame, about 2.5 inches apart to secure your table top.
Step 6: Paint it! I used two coats because I didn’t prime my wood pieces. You can use spray paint or regular latex paint.
And there you go! I plan on using mine as a vanity for my makeup and putting a mirror above it.
Important note about this project: Always wear safety goggles! We had them on while cutting the wood, but not while screwing in the legs. Bad idea! Aaron got sawdust in his eye and almost scratched his cornea. SAFETY GOGGLES!!!!
Table legs: $9.00 each x4= $36.00
Drawer: Free
Table top: $6.00
Paint: $15.00!!!! I wanted so badly to buy spray paint but there wasn’t a color I liked and I hate how expensive regular paint was. I only bought a little quart!
Screws and nails: Free. My dad already had them in the garage.
Total: $57.00 (Would have been so much cheaper with a different paint!

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