Thursday, September 27, 2012

#22. Birdcage Dress

More sewing!
I found this fabric on Pink Chalk Fabric’s website on sale and couldn’t pass it up!
I had a great pattern sitting in my sewing box and made an adorable dress.
My brother called me Cinderella when I went to show it off to my family. I’ll take it!
Fabric: $17.38
Zipper: $2.00
Total: $19.38

#21. Blue Dress

Sew I’ve been a little fabric happy lately. After making that skirt, I remembered how much I love sewing and bought a bunch of fabric, for a bunch of projects. So, expect a lot of sewing projects coming up.
I found this fabric at Walmart for $1.50 a yard. Of course I couldn’t pass it up! I found a pattern and adapted it a bit.
I love how vinatgy it feels and I love the fluttery sleeves.
Of course, as the weather gets colder, I’ll be wearing it with a cardigan. After all, I am the queen of the cardigans…
Fabric: $3.00
Zipper: $2.00
Cost: $5.00

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#20. Painted Dressers

In painting my boyfriend’s room, we also decided to give his dressers a face lift.
This project was such a bitch.
I swear, I followed every spray paint tutorial online and we still had trouble!
Why I only took a before picture of that one, I have no idea…
See how splotchy they are and how there are cracks in some places (the flash on my camera doesn’t help either.) So we started with 99 cent spray paint. Bad idea. Also, we did not buy nearly enough to cover 2 dressers and a night stand. So we got better paint. We primed, we sanded. It still crackled. But it mostly looked okay, at least enough for us to both be able to live with it. Then we got to the knobs. I got a little spray paint happy and ruined them. So we boiled them to get the paint off. Didn’t work too well, ruined a good pot and they rusted. Then we scrubed them with steel wool and discovered under the dirt, they were already silver! We ruined them with too much paint though to use the original surface, so after we got the first coat of paint smoothed down, we primed them and painted again.  They bubbled and cracked too, but they were better than the first coat.
Once we got them in the room, they looked okay, but I’m still rather disappointed in the overall end result. 
Didn’t save all the receipts from all the spray paint and primer we bought, but it was too much because of how much we messed up.
Tips if you’re going to try this project yourself:
Buy more than two cans of not 99 cent spray paint and buy even more cans of primer and prime everything really well first.
One more project for Aaron’s room, then I will reveal the final product to you all!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

#19. Chevron Skirt

According to the cashier at Hobby Lobby, chevron is the hot pattern of the year. I wouldn’t know, I just know I like it. So I made a skirt with it.
I didn’t really use a pattern for this. I used the skirt part of an old dress pattern just to make sure some things were proportionate, but then I winged it. I didn’t measure the pleats, so they’re a little uneven, but overall I’m satisfied with this project. 
I forgot to buy a zipper when I was shopping and by some miracle I found a grey zipper sitting in my sewing box, the exact shade and size I needed! 
Also, I used blue thread because I like it when the thread pops a little. You can kind of see it on the hem in the picture above. My mom thinks it looks silly, I think it’s pretty.
It felt so great to sew something finally. It’s my favorite area of crafting and my strongest as far as skill level.
Totally rocking this look at work tomorrow.
Fabric: $6.73 at Hobby Lobby
Zipper and Thread: Free!
Total: $6.73
Try and find a skirt this cute at the mall for $7.00!
My friend Patty, loved the skirt and wanted one too, but when I went back to Hobby Lobby, the fabric was out of stock! So I picked out this fun fabric for her and made her the same skirt with it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

#18. Chalkboard Jar

I love chalkboard paint. It’s such a cool way to organize and label things in a cute way. 
Final project of my extreme craft weekend was a jar with a chalkboard lid.
Of course, there was no chalk to be found at my house, so I couldn’t test out my new creation. 

#17. Painted Mugs

In all my excitement about my extreme craft weekend, my boyfriend wanted to do something a little more manly than cake stands and vases. So we painted some cool designs on mugs using ceramic paint.
First, we drew our designs on with a permanent marker.
Aaron went with the ever awesome mustache mug. Mugs aren’t the manliest, but I guess the mustache design was good enough for him. I went with something a little more classy.
Next, we painted over the design.
Then we followed the instructions on the paint and baked them in the oven to set the paint.
Mugs: $3.00 a piece at K-mart
Paint: $2.50 a bottle at walmart
Total cost: $11.00

#16. Cake/ Cupcake Stand

Another Dollar Store craft from my extreme craft weekend.
I hot glued the candle stick to the plate and spray painted it. Again, super easy.
If you choose to do this craft at home and choose to spray paint, DO NOT PUT FOOD DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR STAND! It’s spray paint, so obviously direct contact with food is not a good idea. If your cupcakes don’t have paper on them, use a cute doily or something.
Plate: $1.00 at the dollar store
Candle Stick: $1.00 at the dollar store
Paint: $3.50 at Walmart
Total Cost: $5.50

#15. Blue Dyed Vases

So I’ve gotten a little behind on my goal. I’m doing 75 projects in 5 months, which means 15 projects a month is a good way to pace myself.
I did 10 in August and I only blogged about 7. I knew I needed an extreme craft day to catch up, but I didn’t know when I could fit it into my busy schedule.
This weekend, I was supposed to go to class all day Saturday (yeah, I have class on Saturday, it sucks), then Aaron was supposed to pick me up and we were going to take a two day road trip up to a local park and bike the trail and swim in the lake. Well, in the middle of class on Saturday, I got violently ill and we had to cancel our trip. After being in bed for a few hours, I felt much better, but I still was in no shape to go on our trip. So what were we going to do with out weekend? Craft? Craft.
The next few projects I post will be from our extreme craft weekend.
We went shopping and raided the dollar store.
Found these great vases there and decided to clear dye them to match the curtains we bought for Aaron’s room.
Modpodge plus food coloring. Swirl it around a little. Let it dry. It’s that easy people.
The tops got a little messy, but I took a paintbrush and fixed it up a little.
Like the wood paneling in my basement? Classy right?
Cost: $3.00, $1.00 per vase.

#14. Anna’s Birthday Cake

My best friend turned 20 on Wednesday, so I made her an awesome cake to celebrate. 
I took yellow cake mix, separated it into a few containers, and added food coloring. Then I splattered it around in a pan.
I followed the baking instructions, let it cool and iced it with some white icing.
Psychedelic rainbow cake!
Happy Birthday Anna!

#13. Painting my Boyfriend’s Bedroom

Hello there crafters!
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. While most of you spent yours grilling and partying, I spent mine painting.
A little back story on this project. My boyfriend is an awesome guy. I wouldn’t be dating him if he wasn’t. Potentially more awesome than him, is his grandmother. She’ll be 100 years old at the end of September and up until last year, she lived completely on her own in her 2 story house. Then my boyfriend moved in with her to help her out a little, and by help her out I mean, my boyfriend reads the mail for her and takes out the trash and that’s pretty much it. So she’s still pretty independent. Almost 100 years old. Pretty awesome, right?
Living with a 99 year old woman has been a little rough on Aaron though. He kind of feels like he doesn’t have his own space, considering all his stuff is in 2 bedrooms upstairs and a little of the basement. So we got his grandmother’s permission to paint his room so he could feel a little more at home there.
Here is the before:
Yes, those are mint green walls and ceiling you see.
Look, white ceiling! (Ignore the painters tape)
The color we chose for the walls was called “Antique” from the Valspar collection at Loews.
It took spackle, wall washing and 2 coats of paint and primer in one on the walls, ceiling and base boards, but we’re both really happy with the results. 
We bought some great curtains from target and he’s keeping the blue sheets from above. A few more projects of mine involve decor for his room, so I’ll be posting a final “After” photo at a later date.
If you ever choose to paint a room, I recommend great ventilation and wearing those masks. We both got sick from being around paint fumes for 2 days straight. 
Cost:N/A, since it was his room, my boyfriend bought all the supplies.

#12. Painted Key

So after painting those bobby pins, I went a little crazy with the nail polish. In addition to painting my nails and my toe nails with some awesome designs, I also decided to paint my house key with nail polish. 
Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph my key before, but let me tell you, it was not pretty. When I became an age old enough that my parents thought I was responsible enough to have my own house key, they bought me a key decked out in an American Flag motif. I’m all for the land of the free and the home of the brave, but I think putting it on a key is a little excessive. I was like 11 at the time, so I didn’t really care. But as the years went on my beloved house key got used and jingled around in so many purses, the flag design had faded and I was left with and ugly gold/ flag mix.  
Time for a change. I didn’t really feel like spending the money on some fancy key and having it cut at the home depot, so I decided to paint the one I have. (P.S. Have you seen those Keytars they sell? A key with a guitar on top so it looks like the key part is the fret board? Too cute!)
Please note my awesome sauce manicure in these photos.
(this side got a little messy)

#11. Fabric Covered Hanger

I think this project will be the quickest of any I do in my 75 challenge, considering it took me 10 minutes and had no drying time involved.
I took 2 pieces of scrap paper, a glue gun, and an old wire hanger. I glued the fabric to the hanger. Little mess. No dry time. A gorgeous result.
Cost: Totally free. I had all the materials already.
I’m such a fan of this project. Don’t be surprised if you see it in the future because I will be using this to display some sewing projects down the line.
Stay crafty, my friends.

#10. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Time for some baking!
Boyfriend and I layed some espresso beans on some wax paper, melted down some chocolate, and mixed them together. The results were delicious!
Espresso beans: Free! (the perks of working at Starbucks)
Chocolate: Free! (already in my kitchen)
Total: Free!

Friday, September 7, 2012

#9. Painted Bobby Pins

This project was fun because it was easy, but waiting around for the dry time wasn’t so fun. I raided my nail polish collection for fun colors and painted bobby pins!
This project was totally free because I had the nail polish and the bobby pins already!