Sunday, September 9, 2012

#13. Painting my Boyfriend’s Bedroom

Hello there crafters!
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. While most of you spent yours grilling and partying, I spent mine painting.
A little back story on this project. My boyfriend is an awesome guy. I wouldn’t be dating him if he wasn’t. Potentially more awesome than him, is his grandmother. She’ll be 100 years old at the end of September and up until last year, she lived completely on her own in her 2 story house. Then my boyfriend moved in with her to help her out a little, and by help her out I mean, my boyfriend reads the mail for her and takes out the trash and that’s pretty much it. So she’s still pretty independent. Almost 100 years old. Pretty awesome, right?
Living with a 99 year old woman has been a little rough on Aaron though. He kind of feels like he doesn’t have his own space, considering all his stuff is in 2 bedrooms upstairs and a little of the basement. So we got his grandmother’s permission to paint his room so he could feel a little more at home there.
Here is the before:
Yes, those are mint green walls and ceiling you see.
Look, white ceiling! (Ignore the painters tape)
The color we chose for the walls was called “Antique” from the Valspar collection at Loews.
It took spackle, wall washing and 2 coats of paint and primer in one on the walls, ceiling and base boards, but we’re both really happy with the results. 
We bought some great curtains from target and he’s keeping the blue sheets from above. A few more projects of mine involve decor for his room, so I’ll be posting a final “After” photo at a later date.
If you ever choose to paint a room, I recommend great ventilation and wearing those masks. We both got sick from being around paint fumes for 2 days straight. 
Cost:N/A, since it was his room, my boyfriend bought all the supplies.

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