Sunday, September 9, 2012

#15. Blue Dyed Vases

So I’ve gotten a little behind on my goal. I’m doing 75 projects in 5 months, which means 15 projects a month is a good way to pace myself.
I did 10 in August and I only blogged about 7. I knew I needed an extreme craft day to catch up, but I didn’t know when I could fit it into my busy schedule.
This weekend, I was supposed to go to class all day Saturday (yeah, I have class on Saturday, it sucks), then Aaron was supposed to pick me up and we were going to take a two day road trip up to a local park and bike the trail and swim in the lake. Well, in the middle of class on Saturday, I got violently ill and we had to cancel our trip. After being in bed for a few hours, I felt much better, but I still was in no shape to go on our trip. So what were we going to do with out weekend? Craft? Craft.
The next few projects I post will be from our extreme craft weekend.
We went shopping and raided the dollar store.
Found these great vases there and decided to clear dye them to match the curtains we bought for Aaron’s room.
Modpodge plus food coloring. Swirl it around a little. Let it dry. It’s that easy people.
The tops got a little messy, but I took a paintbrush and fixed it up a little.
Like the wood paneling in my basement? Classy right?
Cost: $3.00, $1.00 per vase.

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