Sunday, September 16, 2012

#19. Chevron Skirt

According to the cashier at Hobby Lobby, chevron is the hot pattern of the year. I wouldn’t know, I just know I like it. So I made a skirt with it.
I didn’t really use a pattern for this. I used the skirt part of an old dress pattern just to make sure some things were proportionate, but then I winged it. I didn’t measure the pleats, so they’re a little uneven, but overall I’m satisfied with this project. 
I forgot to buy a zipper when I was shopping and by some miracle I found a grey zipper sitting in my sewing box, the exact shade and size I needed! 
Also, I used blue thread because I like it when the thread pops a little. You can kind of see it on the hem in the picture above. My mom thinks it looks silly, I think it’s pretty.
It felt so great to sew something finally. It’s my favorite area of crafting and my strongest as far as skill level.
Totally rocking this look at work tomorrow.
Fabric: $6.73 at Hobby Lobby
Zipper and Thread: Free!
Total: $6.73
Try and find a skirt this cute at the mall for $7.00!
My friend Patty, loved the skirt and wanted one too, but when I went back to Hobby Lobby, the fabric was out of stock! So I picked out this fun fabric for her and made her the same skirt with it.

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