Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#20. Painted Dressers

In painting my boyfriend’s room, we also decided to give his dressers a face lift.
This project was such a bitch.
I swear, I followed every spray paint tutorial online and we still had trouble!
Why I only took a before picture of that one, I have no idea…
See how splotchy they are and how there are cracks in some places (the flash on my camera doesn’t help either.) So we started with 99 cent spray paint. Bad idea. Also, we did not buy nearly enough to cover 2 dressers and a night stand. So we got better paint. We primed, we sanded. It still crackled. But it mostly looked okay, at least enough for us to both be able to live with it. Then we got to the knobs. I got a little spray paint happy and ruined them. So we boiled them to get the paint off. Didn’t work too well, ruined a good pot and they rusted. Then we scrubed them with steel wool and discovered under the dirt, they were already silver! We ruined them with too much paint though to use the original surface, so after we got the first coat of paint smoothed down, we primed them and painted again.  They bubbled and cracked too, but they were better than the first coat.
Once we got them in the room, they looked okay, but I’m still rather disappointed in the overall end result. 
Didn’t save all the receipts from all the spray paint and primer we bought, but it was too much because of how much we messed up.
Tips if you’re going to try this project yourself:
Buy more than two cans of not 99 cent spray paint and buy even more cans of primer and prime everything really well first.
One more project for Aaron’s room, then I will reveal the final product to you all!

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