Monday, August 13, 2012

#5. Graphics for my blog

I love photoshop. I could spend hours sitting on my computer and messing around with pictures to make them look cool and designing new things. I really wanted my blog to look nice and not have a generic Tumblr layout, so I decided to make some graphics to spruce it up a bit!
Here is the before with the standard layout and some color changes. Boring!
So did some searching around the theme garden and found a variation on this theme by James with room for customizing. Perfect. 
So I designed a background, a header and a signature on photoshop and uploaded them into the theme and now I have a beautiful blog! The background was inspired by thisfabric.
Total project cost: Free
I think the next post/project will be a tutorial inspired by my favorite store, Anthropologie! Stay tuned!

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