Thursday, October 4, 2012

#27. Storage Cups

With all the crafting I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been accumulating a lot of craft supplies. I need a storage solution for all this stuff.
In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve never said what projects I’m planning next. This is mostly because things don’t go as planned and I don’t usually do the projects I’ve been planning. 
We’ll I’m telling you now about a project you can expect to see, because this project won’t make much sense with out a future one.
I’m planning on making a magnet board for above my desk in my bedroom. Tada, surprise ruined.
I’m planning on using the non-existent, future magnet board for organization, so this week, I made these great magnetic storage cups for beads and stuff that I plan on eventually sticking to this non-existent board.
I sprayed them with silver spray paint to make them look a little chicer than plain plastic cups. A hot glue gun and some magnets and voila.
Since I haven’t made the board yet, here’s what they look like on my fridge.
Cost: $6.00 for magnets and the cups. Already had the paint.

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