Thursday, October 4, 2012

#29. “Leather Bound” Book- Tutorial

Tutorial time!
For this tutorial you’ll need:
-Fabric, leather or resembling leather (or whatever you want really)
-A book
-A glue gun
-Cardboard (if you are binding a paper back book)
For this project, I choose a vinyl resembling, normally used for upholstery. I choose  Pride and Prejudice because it is my favorite book ever.
Step 1: Cut out your cardboard to the same size as your front cover, back cover and side (3 pieces total) Skip this step if your book is a hard cover.
Step 2: Lay your book out across your fabric and cut out your fabric to the shape, leaving about a half inch to an inch of extra space around each side.
Step 3: Cut out the edges where your corners are. This will make folding easier later.
Step 4: Glue the cardboard to the back of your fabric, leaving some space for the book to bend between the middle section. Skip this step if your book is a hard cover.
Step 5: Glue each of your over lap sides and fold them over onto the cardboard. If you have a hard cover book, glue the overlap edges and fold directly on to the inside of each cover.
Step 6: Glue the cardboard and stick it to each cover and the side. I did the side first, so I could line up the covers well.
Fabric $5.00 in the remnants bin at Joann’s
Book: Already owned but it was like $5.00 at Half Price Books
Total: $5.00
Eventually, I’d like to buy a letter stamper because stamping jewelry is cool and I could also stamp the title on the front of the book and paint the letters in gold. 

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