Sunday, October 14, 2012

#33. Quidditch Shirts

Like many people my age, I grew up reading, watching, and falling in love with the magic of Harry Potter. I wanted to be a part of that world, to go to Hogwarts, to learn magic and to play Quidditch. Unfortunately, my life is not a novel, but with my most recent project, I tried to still feel like I was part of the Quidditch Team.
Aaron, Patty (modeling Maura’s shirt) and Anna with my beautiful hometown in the background.
The boyf and I (I still love him despite him being a Hufflepuff)
Group jumpy fun!
This project was another one where nothing seemed to go right. I tried this in the very beginning as like the 3rd project I did or something. My first method of attack was  something I saw on Pinterest that said using paint thinner could transfer an inkjet printed image onto fabric. What a load of cahooey. Didn’t even work a little. Tried several different techniques and finally broke down and used iron-on transfer paper. Not my favorite because it sometimes leaves behind a shiny, thick overlay from the paper.  Still looking for a good method to transfer images on things. 
Note: If you’re going to try this project yourself, do not try and sell it on your Etsy shop or whatever!!!! JK Rowling and Warner Brothers will sue you faster than Usain Bolt in a race. All the stuff I put on the shirts is copyrighted, so I can not and will not sell them. I won’t get sued because I made them for myself and as gifts for a few friends and got nothing from it except the joy on the faces of those wearing them. 

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