Monday, November 12, 2012

#37. Producer’s Costumes

I must say, I think this project is the one I’m proudest of. It was a lot of work, but so worth it in the end. 
For this project I was the head costumer for The Producers at my community theatre. When I say head costumer, I mean I was in charge and coordinated everything. In no way was I the only person working on it. Aaron, my wonderful mother, and several people in the cast all helped me out so very much and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
For the show we rented some of the more complicated pieces, and found/made the rest. Things like men’s suits and such we have in our storage room, collected from years of donations and previous shows. Most of that was matching it up with people and tailoring it. Then there were some pieces we had to find. In the show there is a scene with 30 Nazi soldiers. We had 5 Khaki shirts in storage to use already, but then we had to go to thrift stores and find 25 more that were identical enough. Then we had to make all 30 people arm bands. We also made the prisoner outfits in the end too. I gave Aaron a crash course in sewing and he helped out so much. So proud of him :)
The cast in some things we found/bought.
These were some of the rented pieces.
Found all of these, except the dress was rented.
Made all the little old ladies!
Made the sparkly tux.
Made/found all of the Nazis.
Made all of these, except Ulla’s was rented.
The director was really happy with all we did, the audiences loved it and the cast was great. I’m super proud of myself for this one!

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