Monday, November 12, 2012

#38. Halloween Costumes

Half way there! Half way done with my 75 project challenge, but less than 2 months left, which means I need to get myself back into crafting mode!
For Halloween this year Aaron and I took inspiration from one of our favorite cartoons, Rocky and Bullwinkle.
For our costumes, we went to thrift stores for the sweaters and Five Below for the goggles and teeth. I made the antlers out of felt, hot glue, stuffing and a headband. It was a super simple project. I made them a little too big though, because I had to walk through doorways sideways all night!
Sweaters: $20.00 total
Antlers (Fabric and headband): $10.00
Goggles and teeth: $4.00
Total: $34.00 aka the same cost for one crappy costume at a Halloween store

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