Sunday, December 2, 2012

44. Crafting Fail

Some of these projects have been challenging and I’ve needed to adapt to make them work. Some projects I’ve made mistakes and they haven’t turned out as great as they could have. This is the first one that was a total and complete disaster.
I tried to transfer images to canvases using this tutorial here. It worked pretty well.
Then I was going to paint some cut out words over them so parts of the image were poking through and there was a quote on top. That is where I effed it up big time.
Because canvas is woven with layers, trying to tape over it with painters tape and then spray paint it is a bad idea. The tape is essentially worthless and the paint gets right where you didn’t want it.
This was the result….
Yep not gift giveable. It was supposed to be a worn out photo of the Fort Pitt bridge with the quote “We were infinite” painted over it. As you can see, it clearly didn’t turn out like that.
If I ever try this project again, I will be hand painting and not spray painting.
Guess there are somethings you’ve gotta learn from experience. 

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