Thursday, December 27, 2012

70. Cork Butter Spreaders

Aaron was really pumped about this project when we saw it on Pinterest and he really wanted to try it. We had a tough time finding butter/cheese spreaders for a while, but I finally stumbled upon them in Home Goods while Christmas shopping. I bought them for Aaron as a stocking stuffer and boy was he excited.
They were the ugliest things ever and they were damn near indestructible.
We had to get out a freaking metal mallet to get those tops off.
Had to break out the safety gear too!
Spreaders no more!
When we finally did get them apart they looked like this. Then we just shoved them into the corks. The corks were also impossible to find! We asked friends to save them for us, but all the ones we were given were those fake plastic corks. We ended up buying a box of cork vase fillers from Target.
5 more projects left! Getting close!

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