Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Blue dress

A few years ago, my mom bought several pieces of very pretty blue fabric with the intention of making pillows with it. She never did and passed it to me, where it sat in the craft box for a few years.
This summer, I was going to like 4 weddings and I wanted to make a nice dress to wear to them, so I pulled out that fabric and got to work.
The problem occurred when I tried to put the zipper in and I measured wrong and made it wayyyyy too small. I wanted to kick myself for not measuring twice and correctly (please note, the photo above is before I put the zipper in.)  It was way too small for me to ever even dream of fitting into it, so I gave it to my friend Addie who is super tiny! It was even tight on her, but she could at least get the dress on her body and the zipper closed. Lesson Learned.

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