Saturday, July 27, 2013

Refurbished Stools

Aaron and I found these crazy cheap stools at Goodwill back in October and kind of put them out of our minds for a while. Over the weekend, we were desperate for some kind of project to work on and remembered we had these. We headed over to Joann’s to pick out a fabric and pulled some spray paint out of the garage. 
They were in pretty good shape, but the fabric on the cushions were nasty and dirty!
They were simple enough to redo. The tops screwed right off and a quick few coats of paint and some staples later we had some really nice new stools.
I’m not the best spray painter in the world…
Not sure where in Aaron’s house we are going to put these, but we liked the fabric and we love the finished product!
The stools were only $6.00 a piece at Goodwill and the fabric was $10 for a yard at Joann’s (we picked the expensive print, of course.) The paint we already had, so I don’t remember the exact cost, but we estimated it was about $30 to do these. I think that’s about the cost of one stool at Home Goods!

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