Saturday, August 3, 2013

Plaid Shirt

I’m impeccably proud of myself each time I complete a project and it turns out better than the last. This is especially true for sewing projects, as there are many gaps in my sewing knowledge and education. The more things I sew, the more professionally they turn out each time.
I made Aaron this shirt because he keeps bugging me to make him something (mostly because he wants to show off and brag about me.)
I actually followed most of the pattern for this one. Generally, pattern instructions end up confusing me, so I often have extra pieces in the end because I usually end up doing my own thing. I only ended up with one extra piece because I chose not to use the facing for the front, mostly because it is a more casual shirt than dressy shirt. Had I made it a dress shirt, I would have used it.
Pattern used: Simplicity #4760
I did a double stitch on most seams by just sewing what I already did about 1/4 apart (double needles scare me).
I lined up the plaids as best I could and I even finished and pressed my seams!
The only screwy part was the button holes. I lost my presser feet and ordered a new set of just standard snap on feet. Most of them work just fine, but for some reason my machine requires a very specific button hole foot. So I used the standard foot and pieced the holes together. So they’re a little sloppy. Functioning, but sloppy. 
Chester wanted in on our little photoshoot…
Can I say again that I am super proud of myself? Because I am. I am basically a self taught sewer and I learned most of my stuff through experimenting because the internet wasn’t much of a resource for that kind of stuff when I started out. My mom taught me all the basics about sewing and from there I kind of went with it. I started with patterns and easy fabrics and from there I sorta figured it out. I never formally knew how to alter a pattern, I just kind of eye balled it and went with it. And I’ve messed up. I know I have. Remember that blue dress that I cut way to tight? Yep. Didn’t really follow a pattern for that one. Now a days I use patterns as guidelines and I’ve gotten pretty decent at judging where I need to make alterations and how. I still have a ton of gaps in my knowledge, but the internet has taught me so well, especially in my discovery of Pinterest. Hats off to the amazing bloggers I’ve found through Pinterest with their tutorials and random bits of wisdom that have made me go “AHHHH! I get it!” Example: I had no idea about finishing seams. Like, I didn’t know that was a thing. I thought fabric just frayed and you dealt with it. Sewing a zig zag stitch after the straight stitch blew my mind and I only started doing it on my past few projects. Seems like a simple thing, but I had no idea. Yet I’ve been able to work with chiffons for years now? See what I mean by gaps?  I guess the point of this little rant was to ruin any of your illusions that I am any type of expert in the sewing realm. True, I have a pretty good eye for how clothes work and I’m decent at figuring things out, but I am not perfect at all. If any of my followers have sewing experience and want to point out ways that I can improve, I am all for it. Constructive criticism is good for the soul! Like I said, I’m still learning. But it’s always nice to see improvement and this project really made me wow myself.