Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coat Sew Along- Cutting the test

I usually don’t do a muslin tests before my projects, but I really want this one to turn out nicely, so I will be doing a test. I had this red cotton left over from a project I did in middle school. I just want to test the fit of the bodice and the shape of the skirt, so I will not be including sleeves and such things.
I started by cutting the bodice of my pattern out, pinning it and cutting it out. I chose to go up a size with my pattern because the wool be on top of several layers.
Then I cut out a few rectangles for the skirt. I pleated, pinned, and tacked to get the shape I wanted.
Then I sewed the bodice and skirt together.
I concluded a few things
  1. The bodice was too long. I want the seam where the bodice and skirt meet to sit higher on my waist, therefore I will have to adjust my pattern.
  2. The skirt needs to be cut a more of angle to give it more fullness.
  3. The length of the back skirt piece was good. The front pieces were too short only because I didn’t have enough cotton.
  4. The skirt needs to be cut wider to allow for the number of pleats I want. It didn’t quite meet up with the bodice in the front.
  5. I know where I want my pockets to go.
  6. Overall, the coat needs to be a little smaller. Even with the bulk underneath, it was still rather larger on me.
As you can see, I made notes directly on the cotton. I took  it apart and will be using it in addition to my pattern to cut out my wool and linings.
Next week we cut the wool!

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