Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coat Sew Along- Materials and Inspiration

Many of these supplies can be bought at your local craft/fabric store. I got many of my supplies at Joann Fabrics, however if you’re looking for something more unique as far as color and prints go, they may not be your best bet.
For this project, you will need
A pattern. I choose pattern A from the Burda Young 7458 pattern, however I will be modifying it a bit to add a skirt to the bottom. I chose it because I liked the look of the collar and front and knew adding a skirt would be fairly easy.
Outer fabric. This is the part of the coat you will see the most. I’m using the beautiful red wool pictured above. I have about 5 yards for mine because I want the skirt part to be fuller and because I wanted extra in case I mess up. Joann Fabrics doesn’t have much of a selection beyond plain, muted colors in their wool, so this is where you may want to branch out.  If you’re following a pattern exactly, use that to determine how much outer fabric you need.  Wool and tweed are great if you are making a nice warm coat like me. If you want something lighter, you have a little more of a selection when it comes to fabric type.  I’d recommend fleece for something medium weight.
Lining. Choose a fabric that is smooth and will glide easily so that your coat is easy to take off and put on. Because my coat is a plain color outside, I chose something a little more fun on the inside. I love coats with fun linings because you only see it sometimes. My fabric is the animal print above, a satiny polyester blend, purchased from Joanns.
- Interlining. This is not the same as lining or interfacing. Interlining is what keeps your warmth inside the coat and the cold stuff out, between the wool and lining. If you are making a lighter coat you can skip this step or go with one of the lighter options below. Types of interlining you can include: basic quilting batting, cotton flannel, or fleece are good for lighter coats; where as wool interlining, thinsulate, and primaloft are great for warmer coats. (these are the only types I’ve researched, but if you have other suggestions let me know.) 
I chose to go with the thinsulate. Joanns only had lambswool, to be used mostly for quilting. I purchased my thinsulate through Vouge Fabrics here. I only purchased 3 yards because obviously the interlining will not be as full as the outer skirt. You can chose to interline just the bodice of your coat, or the bodice and the sleeves.
Cotton/muslin (optional.) because I am not following an exact pattern and because my fabric was very expensive, I will be making a “rough draft” of the coat before I cut up my beautiful wool. I have some leftover cotton laying around from an old school project and it’s almost the exact shade of my coat so I will really get a good idea of how it will look.  If you feel confident that you will cut and sew correctly the first time, then by all means skip this. But I will be overly cautious.
Thread. Duh.
Buttons and any other trimmings you want. I contemplated putting piping on this coat, but it was an added cost and I couldn’t decide on a coordinating color, so I chose to skip it. You will most likely need buttons or snaps of some sort. Any other types of trimmings you’d like to add as well. I have some leftover lace that I may add to the lining for fun, but we’ll see.
I think that’s all for now! If I’m missing anything let me know.
 I’ve also created a Pinterest inspiration board so you can see where I got some ideas for this design. 
Can’t wait to start my cotton test for next week!

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