Thursday, January 16, 2014

Coat sew along

It’s finally here! I am all caught up on projects and I’m ready to start my biggest one yet! For my next trick, I’m going to attempt to make an elegant, warm, wool, winter coat. For all my loverly followers, I’m going to be doing a coat sew along as I go. Basically, I’m going to blog every detail about this, each step I take, so maybe you can try it along with me and we can learn together. I’ve never taken on some thing this large before and I’m excited to learn along with you. My plan is to post each step I complete every Tuesday from now until it’s done. If you choose to sew along with me, great! If not, the posts will all be up around Februrary 28 and you can check them all out and go at your own pace. I recommend you follow this sew along only if you have experience sewing. This is going to be a challenge, but if you’re a beginner and really want to try, then join us. I’m excited.
I’ll be making my first post next week all about materials!
Here is the complete list of scheduled posts.
1. Materials and preparation, my inspiration for this project (Scheduled for 1/21/2014)
2. Cutting out a test (Scheduled for 1/28/2014)
3. Cutting out and sewing the wool (Scheduled for 2/4/2014)
5. Interlining (Scheduled for 2/11/2014)
6. Lining (Scheduled for 2/18/2014)
7. Putting it all together, finishes and the final result (Scheduled for 2/25/2014)
In case you’re not excited enough, here is a coat sew along that happened a few years ago. I used this site for inspiration in my planning, though it is a little hard to navigate. 
Just to note, I am not a professional seamstress in any way. I’m just a college girl who is basically self taught and loves to sew and learn new things. I’m doing this sew along as a way for me to document my process and for those who are interested in coat sewing to use as “grain of sand advice” and to learn along with me. I am going to mess up. I am going to forget to include information. I am going to do things “the wrong way.” I am okay with this. 
That being said, if you are interested in this sew along, shoot me a message. I’ll make a running list post of who’s in so we can click each others blogs for help, advice, and inspiration (and for accountability.) If you care to post about it, tag it with “coat sew along” if not just enjoy the posts and send me a picture when you finish!
If you’re magically finding this post some time in the future, shoot me a message too of anything I forgot to mention in my posts OR if you did the sew along and have an image to submit! 
The first post, all about materials, is coming at you Tuesday 
I’m excited!

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