Thursday, January 9, 2014

Halloween 2013

I really really really should have posted this on the first of November to share the awesomeness of my costume with you all. But I was a bad blogger and I didn’t! I shared this on my personal blog and people loved it which should have been an indicator that it needed to be on here. 
Without further ado, I give you Aaron and Shannon- Halloween 2013- The Stanley Cup and the Keeper of the Cup (featuring Chester Crosby, world’s cutest dog.)
The only DIY part of this costume was the bottom skirt part of my dress. Aaron’s was easy enough to find at good will and I had a silver sports bra from a dance show. I was able to find a fabric that matched fairly easily. I just made an extra wide skirt, put some elastic in the top, sewed biased tape horizontally across the skirt 3 times, then I cut up my hamper and threaded the wires through the bias tape. Then I put a bunt cake pan on my head. Easy easy easy.
In addition to our costumes, I also made a tutu and hat to go with my friend Anna’s R2D2 costume, inspired by this girl’s gorgeous costume here.

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