Monday, January 20, 2014

J Crew Inspired Vest

I love J. Crew. I am a poor college student. You can see how this is a problem.
I saw this beautiful vest all over Pinterest, really wanted it, and eventually found out it was from none other than J. Crew. I checked their website and it was gone. “Oh well, must have been a few season ago.” I thought. Time passed and I kind of forgot about it. I went outlet shopping with my boyfriend one day and low and behold, there in the J. Crew factory store was this beautiful vest, at 40% off. I walked up to it and was very disappointed to discover that it was not the grey herringbone wool it appeared to be on the internet, but rather a synthetic, almost lining material with herringbone printed on it. It was also still like $80, even with the 40% off. 
"Nope. No way. Not spending that kinda money on this." I thought.
But after seeing it in person, I couldn’t get it out of my head. So I made it.
I purchased some great grey wool from Amazon, got some lining from Joann’s, and pulled up some spare quilting batting my mother had (no one in my family quilts nor has ever quilted. I have no idea where this came from.)
I modified the bodice of a shirt pattern and cut out the pieces based on that. I then measured and marked with chalked where I wanted my quilting lines to go. Quilting it was not as hard as I thought, putting it all together was.
I’m not used to working with that bulky of a fabric and I have a lot of sloppy seams.
In order to contain the fluff inside the seams, I finished them with double sided biased tape.
Attaching the biased tape and the zipper was my biggest problem. The biased tape just did not want to fold or catch on that much fabric and the zipper somehow got put in crookedly. I’m gonna blame the bulk on that one too. 
In places where the biased tape didn’t catch, instead of seam ripping and redoing, I just used some fabric glue to keep it together. 
Overall, I’m really happy with it. It was my first time working on any type of project like this and although the fit is wonky, the quilting is a little uneven and the bias is sloppy, it turned out well. Fairly easy and a much cheaper option. Probably cost me $40.
First post in the coat sew along coming at you tomorrow! 

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