Thursday, January 23, 2014

Red plaid shirt

I’ve been wanting a red plaid shirt for about a year now, but I could not find anything in any store I liked. I vowed to never do a button up shirt again after making Aaron’s because it was so much work (even though it turned out great) and I was determined to buy one instead of make one. Of course, I was on my weekly trip to Joanns and found the perfect fabric. I knew I had to make myself one and put in all that work again. 
I’ll admit, I cut corners. I barely ironed this thing, where as with Aaron’s I was so meticulous with ironing ever piece and every seam. I didn’t double stitch for “that look.” I was sparse with my button holes, due to laziness. Oops. 
I modified a pattern that was just “meh” and didn’t make it as fitted as I like, but I still love how it turned out. I’ve been wearing it open over T-Shirts almost like a sweater more than anything. 
Here I am on Christmas wearing it over a “Stashing Through the Snow” shirt with a mustache on it. No idea why I was so unamuesd with my mother’s picture taking, but my face is something else.

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