Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Remember last Christmas when I was in the middle of my 75 project challenge and I made everyone’s gifts and I was a stress monkey? Yep, didn’t make that mistake again. I only chose hand made projects as gifts that I knew could be 1.Fast 2.Easy 3.Cheap. So I decided on lovely, simple skirts for some of the closest ladies in my life and everyone else got boring purchased things.
Anna got an Avengers skirt after she pined over this Spider Man Dress. Please note, this is the famous skirt that I sewed through my finger making. Anna’s comment was “You literally shed blood, sweat and tears for this!” My response was “Mostly tears.” That’s true friendship.
Maura, Addie, and Kiersten all got this loverly blue bird fabric because it is feminine and pretty just like them!
Here is Maura, being a model
Tomorrow I’ve got a post on my next big project coming up, so stay tuned!

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