Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Coat Sew Along- The Lining

This week my focus was on my coat lining and getting my interlining sewn in.
The lining by itself was pretty easy. I just followed the pattern pieces.
Sewing the interlining in was a little tricky. I had to trim most of my pieces to fit within the lining. Then I just sewed them to each piece, while making sure my seam was poking through (to eliminate bulk.)
It got a little tricky with all the bulk and fabric, and the Thinsulate competing with the lining seams caused my fabric to pucker a little bit.
This is what it looks like, front and back, all sewn together.
In retrospect, I would have sewn my interlining to each piece of lining THEN sewed the lining together, while still leaving some room for seams without the bulk. It would have eliminated a lot of tricky and sloppy looking seams. Since this will all be inside the coat, I don’t care quite that much.
Next week I put it all together! 

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