Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kitchen Renovation- Days 2 and 3

You want to know the easiest way to remove wallpaper glue? Trick question, there isn’t one. The only way to remove wallpaper glue is warm water, fabric softner, a scraper, too many hours, elbow grease, and tears. So that was day two of our kitchen demo. Wallpaper glue and sadness.
Glueless wall, post primer.
Day 3 went much better! I had to go to work, but Aaron had the day off.
He and a handyman friend of ours removed the ugly laminate counter and installed this great butcher block we got from IKEA (hiding under the paper.) It was in the “As Is” section for a great price and it was the right size! It just needed a hole for the sink cut out.
They also knocked out all the tile backsplash and put up new drywall so we could add a new backsplash.
When I got home we primed over the walls that we so lovingly scraped and we removed the cabinet doors and sanded the cabinets down . Yay for great progress!

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