Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Home Remodel- The Living Room

Since the kitchen is so lovely now, we’ve moved on to other projects already. No rest for us! The living room was a bland off-white color and we really wanted to warm it up with some paint. We chose this great beigeish- grey color to compliment the sofa I recovered (more on that later.)
Here is the living room before. Note the wonderful green carpet.
Here is the room after the paint and after we removed the carpet. There was beautiful hardwood underneath but we had to sweep and vacuum about 10 times to see it underneath the disintegrated carpet pad. It was a dusty mess for days! You can still see a fine layer of dust there.
I got some great curtains at Homegoods and a mirror for the mantle at Target to finish off the room. The room is not “done” because we’d like to add some more accessories and maybe a new chair to really finish it off, but it’s usable and a lot cozier than before. The half finished sofa pictured is a project for another post coming up soon.
In addition to all the work we’ve been doing, we’ve had an electrician in rewiring all the nob and tube and grounding all the outlets. It’s really starting to feel like home. 
A simple job of painting and carpet removal was a nice change in pace after the chaos of the kitchen. More renovations are to come!

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