Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kitchen Renovation- The Final Reveal

Let’s see, what’s happened since I last wrote? The floor arrived. We added a sub floor, installed the tile, and grouted it. The cabinet doors were finished, hardware put on, and they were installed. Paint was touched up, lights were put in. Baseboards were put down. Roller shades added to the windows. The kitchen is done and we love it so much. 
The final product! It’s hard to imagine what it looked like before. It now feels so big and functional. 
Some before and afters just to remind you how much we’ve changed:
The floors we chose were a vinyl tile (because we didn’t want to deal with the time/cost of a new sub floor) from home depot, and it’s groutable so it doesn’t feel like a “fake” floor. 
Here are links to my previous posts about the process of this renovation.
Overall, it took about three weeks to complete, minus the down time in between. We did most of the work on evenings and weekends. We couldn’t work more than a few days in a row because we would have lost our sanity, so there were a few break days in between. 
We are so proud of ourselves. We are proud we could do most of the work our selves, we are proud we could do it on a budget, and we are so happy to have a new space.
We have several more renovations left in this house. This was probably the hardest one. So look forward to those!

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