Monday, April 28, 2014

Restoration Hardware Inspired Sofa

Along with the house and all the projects that come with it, we also acquired a hideous sofa from the 1970s for our living room. The shape of it was great and the cushions were still in good condition. Not one to skip out on saving some money, or on a craft project, I volunteered to recover it. I love the look of Restoration Hardware’s furniture, so I used this sofa as my inspiration for the project
The sofa before. Check out that fabric!
A side view, with some lovely wicker type detail.
I started by choosing this great general home decor fabric from Joann’s. It was on sale at 40% off when we bought it and we got 9 yards (the whole bolt!)
I choose to white wash the frame, so that it would brighten up the piece, but still let the wood grain show through.. I mixed 1 part paint (which we already had) with 1 part water and lightly brushed it over the entire frame. Then I added foam to the curves in the top for a cleaner look to the lines of the furniture.
The frame after being white washed and foam added.
After the paint was dry, I ripped all the old upholstery off.  I layed out my new fabric over the frame and outlined the shape of it with chalk. I then cut it out and sewed it almost like a slip cover. It took a lot of running to the couch to drape and pin and then back to the sewing machine.
Then we took a staple gun and while Aaron pulled the fabric tight on one side, I attached the cover to the frame. I went with a hybrid slip cover/restaple method and it turned out pretty okay for my first reupholstery project. It’s a tad but ill-fitting in some of the tricky corners, but over all not bad. I think this may be because I chose to sew it as one piece instead of trying to thread the sides to the back and staple them separately from the middle.  
The hardest part was trying to sew the cushions. Those little corners on each of the side cushions made it very tricky to make it fit well. I actually had to redo the two outside cushions and go out and buy a little more fabric. So it took about 10.5 yards in total. 
Lastly, I made some biased tape out of the little bit of fabric I had left and made some piping to hide the staples and finish it off. 
All the wicker got covered by more fabric too
Leg detail as well. The white wash looks so nice up close!
The sofa that inspired this look cost well over $1000, however with the sale on fabric, we we’re able to do this sofa for about $110. Now that’s a bargain!
In addition to a new kitchen, a painted living room, and a fresh sofa, our electrician just finished a complete re-wire of our house to get all our outlets grounded/ three pronged and safe! No more extension cords running across all the rooms. Many more house remodels are in the works, which means many more posts.

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