Monday, July 21, 2014

Aaron’s Anniversary Present

As of July 9th, this weirdo and I have been together for three years. Three amazing years of staring at that face, sharing my life, and loving immensely. 
Here is a little secret about me, I love giving people gifts and one of my random skills that I pride myself on is my ability to give really great gifts. Not expensive gifts, not big gifts, but gifts that are so unique and too perfect for the receiver. 
Obviously, for my boy, his anniversary present had to be special. I got an idea back in February as I watched him making me dinner (He’s cute AND he cooks. Tame your jealousy, please.) He had an app up on his phone that he was reading the recipe from. The phone was so near the flame of the stove and the grease kept splashing on it. 
"He really needs to print those out and keep his phone safe" I thought to myself. "OR! I could print them for him in a cookbook." and thus, the evil plan was conceived. It took me a few months to get going though because of the house and finishing up school. 
Not only did I steal all his favorite recipes from his phone, I also got his family and friends to send me all his favorite meals that they cook.
Then I spent hours designing a book for all the recipes to go into. I admire those who are graphic designers by profession. I know my way around Adobe design programs, but it’s so tedious to make everything just right . But for him, worth it. After it was all done, I just had to send it to a printing company to get made and spiral bound.
Here is just a sampling of the book. I’m super proud of it and he loved it! 
Yes, that’s his name. No, he has never been on a television show called “Breaking Bad.”
image  image
So if you’re ever looking for a great gift idea and don’t mind spending lots of time putting it together, here ya go. 
Next post coming up: his present to me. Also craft/creativity related because what else would he get for me?

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