Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekly Inspiration: July 26

One of the sad things about moving out of my parent’s house is that I no longer have access to my mother’s sewing machine. Though the Serger is mine, the traditional machine I made most of my projects on was technically hers. 
I wanted to buy myself one on my own, but since there were so many other priorities, it never happened. Because he is the biggest sweetheart ever, Aaron bought me a new sewing machine as an Anniversary present. I had my eye on a few different Singer machines, but I hadn’t totally decided on which one I wanted. He made a great choice!
Introducing: the Singer Fashion Mate 5500.* Isn’t she beautiful?
It does so many cool decorative stitches and button holes are going to be so much easier than with my old machine. 
So far, I’ve only gotten to use it to hem a pair of Aaron’s pants, but I already love it.
Hopefully I can get some projects up from her soon!
*Image via Singer Sewing Company’s website

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