Monday, August 18, 2014

Jello Mousse Recipe

Hey all! I have an easy dessert recipe for you all to make that’s great for those summer parties. 
This kind of mousse, not this moose.
This is a pretty common recipe and it’s even on the side of the jello box, however I have a fun little twist on it to make it even more fun. What’s the difference? Every other version of this recipe I have seen has only used one tub of Cool Whip, which results in a cool mixture of jello on the bottom, mousse on the top. My version uses two tubs, therefore making the whole dessert a mousse. It’s a preference and I encourage you to try both, though I obviously love the latter. This is one of mine and my mother’s favorites that I included in Aaron’s anniversary present. 
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 6ish hours for the jello to set
Yields: 6 servings
1 box of jello. Any flavor will do, but I love Strawberry.
2 tubs of Cool Whip. I recommend brand name Cool Whip. It mixes in the best and it tastes the best.
Fun glassware to make yourself feel extra fancy. Clear plastic cups also work nicely if you’re concerned about your barware getting broken.
Fresh fruit
Additional whip topping
Boil a cup and a half of water. Once it’s boiled stir in the contents of the Jello box until dissolved. It takes about 2 minutes to stir it all in, but it feels like forever and your arm might fall off.
Whisk in bits of the Cool Whip until both tubs are completely mixed with the jello. Again, your arm might fall off. 
Pour the mixture into 6 glasses for easy serving. Aaron inherited these lovely glasses from his grandmother, which have been great to take these to dinner parties. However, it also looks really nice in clear, plastic cups for more outdoor/kid centered events.
Let set for 6ish hours. Garnish with whip topping, fresh fruit and shaved chocolate. Did you know you can use a potato peeler to easily shave chocolate?! The revelations of a twenty-something who lived on easy mac for years. 
Tada! Super easy and super yummy. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weekly Inspiration: August 9

This week’s inspiration: Spoonflower!
Spoonflower is an online retailer where you can upload, purchase, and sell your own fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper designs. It’s such a cool concept because I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a fashion design in my head and couldn’t find the appropriate fabric anywhere in existence. Spoonflower is super cool too because you can find and buy really unique designs made by other people. 
I’ve been toying around with some designs of my own that I’m hoping to perfect and order soon (and maybe make available to the general public) but until then here are some beautiful fabrics from the Spoonflower community that I find inspirational. 
VeryCherry Herbs
Blush Lace
Mint Gold Chevron
What inspired you this week? 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mom’s Halloween Costume

I was on the phone with a friend and Halloween came up in the discussion. We were talking about past costumes, potential future costumes (I know it’s a little early for that,) etc. I then brought up the costume I made for my mom this past Halloween and said “Oh you can look at it on my blog.” 
Guess what? It wasn’t on here! I photographed it and never posted about it! Oi!
So the pattern was Simplicity 2172 and she liked exactly how the red one looked, so she bought fabric to match.
It was quite a project. It took me four separate sessions to finish it, one for pleating the whole bottom of the skirt, one for sewing the skirt, one for sewing the bustier and one for sewing the coat. She loved it!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weekly Inspirations- August 2

Can you believe it is August already? Where did the summer go?
This week’s inspiration: 
I saw this while dragging the boy through Crate and Barrel and fell in love with color and the amount of storage it provides.
It would never fit in my kitchen, nor would it go well with the blue wall color. However, I put it in my mental “for future dream home” file. 
What inspired you this week?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today marks the two year anniversary of this blog! On a humid day at the end of July in 2012, I was frustrated that I had so little time to work on craft projects and wished I could make stuff half as cool as all those Pinterest pins. I made a challenge to myself to complete 75 DIY projects in 5 months, beginning August 1 and ending December 31. I also decided to blog about it so that I could easily share it with my family and friends. Since then, this blog has grown into such a wonderful place for me to share my creative life and such a great motivator to continue to pursue my love of all things creative. I’ve loved sharing all my projects with my readers and the great feedback and support they’ve given to me. You guys rock! I never thought this blog would grow into such a great place and have such a great following. 
In reflection of this event, I though to myself “I don’t think I’ve ever shared the meaning behind the title of my blog.”
Here’s the secret behind the Queen of the Cardigans: I am almost literally the Queen of the Cardigans. At the time I started this blog, I had around 45 cardigans in my wardrobe. 45.
Me in one of many cardigans.
In the past two years, I have paired them down, refined my wardrobe and eliminated some cardigans I never wore. I still have a bunch of cardigans and they will always be my favorite wardrobe staple. I’d love to share them all with you, but this isn’t a fashion blog (yet?)
Thanks for the great past two years, and here’s to many more!