Monday, September 8, 2014

Bathroom Makeover

There are fewer feelings better than having a clean bathroom huh? I was surprised by how stress-free this renovation was as I know bathrooms can be a messy job, but that’s probably because all we really did was paint and install new fixtures. A renovation is much more fun when you’re not the ones doing the work! 
This is what it looked like before. Blue plastic tile and a wooden toilet seat. Cozy, huh?
First thing we did was remove the toilet and sink. Knocking out the ugly, blue, plastic tile out was so satisfying.
Instead of taking too much time to repair/replace the walls where the tile was, we just covered it with a much prettier beadboard.
We decided to go with a bath re-covering company for the shower as opposed to retiling because of cost, time, and maintenance. They had it done in a day and good news, there was no mold damage behind the tile!
The floor was super easy as it was another stick down product similar to the one we put in the kitchen. Curtains were made by myself.
The shower curtain was yet another Homegoods find.
The mirror, sink, lights, shelves, and towel rod were found at Lowes.