Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guest Room Makeover

So this was one of those rooms that was low on the priority list because we don’t use it that often. It’s kind of become a dumping ground for the stuff we don’t really have a place for yet (ie. all the stuff that need stored in the not cleaned yet basement.) There are too many pieces of furniture in there and it’s still a work in progress as far as decor goes which is why I put “during” on the photo instead of after. But it’s a cleanish room with a comfy bed if any of our friends and family come in for a visit. 

Before it was a gross salmon pink, even on the ceiling.

We actually got rid of the ugly pink paint months ago, but the rest of the process has been pretty slow. 
At least this half of the room looks clean.

You might recognize the bed frame from my old room at my parent’s house. The desk was there already and the bookshelf was formerly in our room, however we didn’t really use it there, so it got moved. 

Now its a nice, neutral grey so I can basically do anything with it once I have time to really decorate it and get all this extra junk out of there!
This half of the room is filled with all the extras that kind of got dumped in there. I'm hoping we can get the unfinished basement cleaned soon, so we can move some of this stuff.

We had some friends over for Labor Day to show off the house and we had several friends arguing over who was moving in and whose room it would be.

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