Thursday, September 18, 2014

Somethings are meant to be…

Aaron is obviously a huge part of my life. He helps me with all my projects and even inspires me to create many of them. This past weekend we celebrated a huge milestone and we’re starting a new chapter of our lives.
We’re engaged!
Saturday was one of the best days of my life. We went to our favorite restaurant and then went up to a Pittsburgh favorite spot, the West End Overlook. We’ve shared many memories there and it was the perfect spot for him to propose. At sunset too! He’s so romantic. 
Wedding plans are already underway and as a die-hard crafter you know there will be some projects involved. 
In addition to that happy news, I also have an announcement related to the blog. Tumblr has been a great platform to get out all my thoughts and share all my pictures of my craft endeavors. But as I continue to grow as both a crafter and a blogger, Tumblr has become a much harder platform to use. On October 1st I will be launching the new where I will continue to blog and share my love of creating. I’ve chosen blogger as my new platform mostly for ease of use. Tumblr has been a great home for me for the past two years but I’m excited for this new chapter in my blog.
I’m currently working on moving all my old posts over to my new site. It’s been amazing to read my old posts and reflect on how much my writing has grown and how much more refined my projects and skills have become. 
I’m so excited for the coming months!

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