Monday, October 6, 2014

Hand Painted Pillows

Aaron’s least favorite decor item is accent pillows. He thinks they are totally useless items of decoration that serve no purpose. I, however, love them. I think they can really pull a space’s colors together and they’re super easy (and cheap) to change out for different looks and feels. 

I had a very specific vision of what style of pillows I wanted for our new sofa. I couldn’t find them anywhere for a good enough price, so of course I made them!

Fabric Squares

I used a very basic quilter's cotton, cut out 2 19" squares for each pillow and sewed them together, leaving a little room at the top for stuffing. 

Shells of pillows

After turning them inside out, I layed them flat and began to paint my designs on with basic craft paint. 

For the striped pillows, I used painters tape to get clean lines.

For the dotted pillows, I used the shape of my brush to place them in an almost even pattern.

The ampersand pillow was the most complicated. I hand drew my design on paper, cut it out, then traced it onto my pillow. After that I painted the outline with my grey paint as carefully as I could. Then I filled in the rest.

Aaron helped me stuff them. It's a lot more of a process then one would think.

I gave the paint a whole day to dry, but I bet I could have only waited a few hours. Then I stuffed them and sewed them up. 

Here is their new home in the living room. I love how they look with the floral arrangement I made.

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