Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween Costumes

I had grand plans for making our Halloween costumes this year. We had a couple options and they all involved me making a ballgown for myself and a few things for Aaron. However, we just finished the house renovations, we just got engaged and are in the thick of wedding planning, and I'm still partaking in my post-college job search. Time was pretty limited as far as making the costumes went. So ballgown was out. We just went with what we could throw together. 
I give you Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman!

My costume was easier to throw together than you'd think. I actually wore basically this for a production of Into the Woods I did a few years back. My mom made the blouse and underskirt for a costume for herself years ago that I borrowed to play Cinderella in middle school. The red dress was mine from my 7th grade Valentine's Day dance. The corset was mine from a dance costume from a few years ago. All I had to make was the cape. It took me about 30 minutes.

Middle School Realness

Aaron's costume was even easier. 

The huntsman in action

You may recall Aaron's shirt that I made him about a year ago. Jeans, a winter hat, and a plastic axe from his Tin Man costume from 1st grade. 

The cutest big bad wolf ever

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dining Room Makeover

This is the second to last room in the house to be completed and it might be my favorite we've done so far.

Before. Taken during the kitchen renovation, so it was an extra disaster. 

I love the color we chose. I love how the furniture we inherited looks so nice and fresh in the new space. 
Before the furniture went back in. The hardwood was perfect!

The best part of this renovation was knowing we had no more carpet to rip out.

I made putting up the gallery wall more of a process than it probably had to be. It involved chalk lines and kind of looked like a complicated football play. 

... and then we'll score a touchdown
My favorite dork after putting up the light fixture

We've already had several friends over for dinner and it's been a great entertainment space. Also my Anthropologie dishes look great on the table!