Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween Costumes

I had grand plans for making our Halloween costumes this year. We had a couple options and they all involved me making a ballgown for myself and a few things for Aaron. However, we just finished the house renovations, we just got engaged and are in the thick of wedding planning, and I'm still partaking in my post-college job search. Time was pretty limited as far as making the costumes went. So ballgown was out. We just went with what we could throw together. 
I give you Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman!

My costume was easier to throw together than you'd think. I actually wore basically this for a production of Into the Woods I did a few years back. My mom made the blouse and underskirt for a costume for herself years ago that I borrowed to play Cinderella in middle school. The red dress was mine from my 7th grade Valentine's Day dance. The corset was mine from a dance costume from a few years ago. All I had to make was the cape. It took me about 30 minutes.

Middle School Realness

Aaron's costume was even easier. 

The huntsman in action

You may recall Aaron's shirt that I made him about a year ago. Jeans, a winter hat, and a plastic axe from his Tin Man costume from 1st grade. 

The cutest big bad wolf ever

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