Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Office Makeover- Painting the Dresser

Part of the issue of moving into this house was that Aaron had already lived here for nearly 2 years with his Grandmother, therefore he already had all his stuff here and had places for it. So when I moved in, it meant we had to rearrange his routine to accommodate my stuff. Not only is this last room an office/sewing room for me; it's also a closet/ dressing room. Therefore, I needed a place for all my clothes. 

This dresser was just sitting in the basement not really storing much, so I decided to claim it for my own. 

It needed a good cleaning and sanding then it was time to paint.

I started with a really good primer using a smaller roller. Then I sanded again. 

Sometimes I remember to have Aaron take pictures of me

Then I painted. This piece was awesome to paint because there weren't any curves or anything fancy. I used the same color I used on the piano. "Bird Song Blue" by Valspar.

2 coats of paint and some new knobs from Home Depot and now I have a great new piece of furniture.

The mirror I rested on top was found by my parent's in their home when the moved in in the 80's. It sat in our garage for about 20 years!

Still more Office Makeover posts to come.

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