Monday, May 25, 2015

DIY Wedding Signs

I don't know how I'd ever complete half the projects I do if it weren't for Aaron. We really work well together because it seems whatever skill one of us doesn't have, the other one does. Not only do I not have skills with power tools, I also kind of fear them. And they can smell fear! Aaron knows his way around a table saw, so that was super helpful for this project. 

The plan for these signs is to be a nice little bit of decor on our guest book table and place card table. The big sign will really set a nice tone for the wedding as soon as people walk into the venue, as well as provide everyone with a clear timeline.

We made this project before all the drama, so the date on the big sign is wrong. I'll need to sand that off and change that soon. 

This is what it looks like when we have wood in our car. Tiny car problems.

First thing we did was to plan how many boards we'd need. 

Everything cut to size

So many pieces!

Our plan for the small signs was to make each one 12"x14" . We bought two 8' long pieces of 1"x4" boards and cut them into pieces (each piece was 4"x12') with an extra piece for the back of each sign to hold it together. This diagram shows how we made the small signs:

The brown boards are the boards from each sign. The orange ones are the extras used to hold the backs together. The green dots show where we put the screws in to hold them all together.

The plan for the big sign was to make it 36" x 48". We bought three 8 ft long boards of 1"x6" wood and cut them in half (48" pieces.) Again, 2 extra boards to hold it together. Here's another diagram:

The brown boards are the boards are the fronts. The orange ones are the extras used to hold the back together. The green dots show where we put the screws in to hold them all together.

The second step was to stain it all. We freaking love the shade "Dark Walnut" by Minwax. We've used it on almost every wood project we've done. 

After it all dried, we laid the pieces together in the order we wanted them. Then we drilled the extra boards across the "back" to hold it all together.

Once they were all together, we leaned them as straight as we could against the wall and used a projector to project my designs onto each sign. This was the hardest part of the project because lining it up and getting it straight took a certain finesse neither of us have. I did the designs in photoshop, but theres a bunch of different programs that I could have used. 

Then I traced every letter in pencil. I tried a black background with white text, then a white background with black text. I found the latter works better as far as seeing what you're doing. 

This is what the traced letters look like, pre-painting

I used a very fine brush

After my wrist recovered from all the tracing, it was painting time! I purchased a sample size of white paint from the hardware store, but craft paint would work as well. I used a little bit of gold craft paint on the big sign for a nice accent.

My beautiful maid of honor Anna came over to help. 

We let them dry and they were all done!

Hopefully I can find the time before the wedding to scratch off the old date and paint on the new one!