Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Butterick b5882

Some days, you just need to sew a dress...

About 8 months ago, my mom saw me admiring this fabric and bought me 2 yards "for a rainy day." I found a pattern I liked and then it just sat on my shelf as it kept getting moved to the bottom of the project list. That is until a few weeks ago, when we scheduled our engagement picture session. I knew I had to finish this dress to wear for those pictures.

Here's what the back looks like

Overall, this is one of the most professional looking projects I've ever completed and I couldn't be happier with it. I'm going to attribute it to the fact that I followed the pattern almost exactly, which is the opposite of my usual sewing strategy. Some of the directions weren't so clear, however this pattern was designed by Gertie over at Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing and she had a detailed post all about this dress that really helped fill in the blanks. 

Pretty pleats up-close

My only deviations from the pattern were not adding the "inside belt" and the choice not to put in a lining. Despite the fact the the fabric is mostly white, it really isn't see-through. A lining felt like an unnecessary step. Instead, I added a stabilization piece to the inside of the top. This also finished the top seam. 

A peek inside and a look at the stabilization piece I added in place of a lining.

Beautifully serged seams
When we get our engagement pictures, I will post a picture of me in the dress. I also wish you all could see me spin in this. The circle skirt twirl is seriously the best!

Updated (6/22/15)
We got our engagement pics! Huge thank you to All Heart Photo and Video for a fun day and some great pictures.
All Heart Photo and Video

All Heart Photo and Video

All Heart Photo and Video

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  1. Fantastic job! Can't wait to see photos of you wearing it. Then you'll definitely have to pin it to our fan gallery on Pinterest: